How to become a successful independent escort/ escort agency?

As everywhere else, the following applies in escort: Honest lasts longest. 

No matter if Independent Escort or High Class Escort AgencyYou should be honest with the bookers. Dishonesty leads to dissatisfaction and a dissatisfied booker will book somewhere else next time. 

Honesty starts with the pictures. Realistic images should be used. The lady should not be heavily photoshopped and in no case it is advisable to use stock photos that look similar to the lady. That is cheating. As a lady, you don't want to order a black dress and then get a red one. Then you order there certainly never again 😉

The sedcard should also be designed honestly. Many make themselves much taller, younger or slimmer than they are. Of course, this is also nonsense if you want the booker to leave the date happy. 

You should also stick to the truth when it comes to hobbies. If the profile says that you are interested in art, then Claude Monet or Jeff Koons should be terms. 

This is also the case with sports. Imagine normal, an escort lady is booked because of your sedcard indication to skiing, because she likes that supposedly so and then the booker must be alone on the slopes, because the lady was once ten years ago on the slopes. Of course, this does not work. 

Furthermore, an important point for a successful escort: THANKSGIVING.

There is a man who chooses one in this giant escort world. Most likely, he tries very hard to pick out a great hotel and restaurant. 

Many ladies take this for granted, which is actually a shame. A simple thank you can bring appreciation to the booker and that may yet experience everyone who has made an effort.

Cordiality is the key to success when working with people. This doesn't mean feigned friendliness or a fake smile. No, if you work in the service sector, you should really like people. Whether you are a doctor, hairdresser or escort, if you have direct contact with people, you should be emphatic, understanding and caring. This creates trust, makes the counterpart happy and ensures new orders. You can't play or copy cordiality and charity - you have to have it in you and have the desire to share.

Communication is very important in High Class Escort. 

Requests should be answered promptly and in detail. An honest consultation and if necessary also cancel an escort date if it does not fit, creates trust. As in any other business, trust is the be-all and end-all in any business relationship. You want to be able to rely on the word of his counterpart.

If you don't advertise, you die. However, you shouldn't profile yourself too much on social media and the like. That tends to have a deterrent effect. 

A lady who begs for gifts also makes a rather deterrent impression. High class escorts get a very good fee and should be able to manage and realize their dreams themselves.

Men with class appreciate such restrained behavior, in a world of unrealistic wishlists.

Escort ladies who love sex and men will have an easy time creating a successful High Class Escort to become. Ladies, who have to convince themselves or even have to drink courage, should rather do something else.

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