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We would also like to point out that in Germany the § 32 to the Condoms are mandatory. It is prohibited to advertise and perform unprotected sexual practices.

The Prostitution Protection Act in Germany: A Short Explanation 
Prostitution is an issue of social relevance that is regulated in Germany by the Prostitution Protection Act (ProstSchG). This law, which came into force on July 1, 2017, aims to improve the situation of those engaged in prostitution while protecting public health. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Prostitution Protection Act, explaining its main points and highlighting the different perspectives on this controversial law.
The main points of the Prostitution Protection Act (ProstSchG)

      1. Registration requirement: Prostitutes in Germany are required by the ProstSchG to register with local authorities and disclose their identity. This serves to register and monitor prostitution activity.
      2. Health advice: Prostitutes must undergo regular medical examinations and be tested for sexually transmitted infections to protect their health and minimize the risk of disease outbreaks.
      3. Condom requirement: The law requires that condoms always be used during sexual intercourse with customers to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
      4. Permit requirement: Brothels and similar establishments where prostitution is practiced must obtain regulatory approval to ensure that they meet certain standards.
      5. Advertising bans: There are restrictions on the advertising of sexual services to prevent trafficking and exploitation.