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Fetish escort: which ones are there?

Listed here you will find a selection of probably the most famous fetishes.

The Foot fetishism is a form of sexual fetishism in which a person is sexually aroused by feet or shoes. A person with a foot fetish may have a sexual attraction to bare feet, stockinged feet, or shoes. This may relate to looking at, touching, kissing, or licking feet or shoes. Some people with a foot fetish may also be aroused by the smell or taste of feet or shoes.

BDSM stands for "Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism". It is an umbrella term for a variety of sexual practices and behaviors that are often combined. BDSM often involves a form of power imbalance in which one person (the dominant partner) is in control of the other person (the submissive partner). This power relationship can manifest itself in various ways, such as physical bondage, humiliation, punishment, control, or even reward.

Exhibitionism is a sexual fetish in which a person becomes sexually aroused by watching other people naked or performing sexual acts. In general, exhibitionism means showing one's nudity or sexual acts in front of others. This may involve simply exposing one's body in public, or presenting sexual acts in front of a person or group of people.

Voyeurism is a sexual fetish in which a person becomes sexually aroused by secretly watching other people when they are naked or performing sexual acts. Voyeurism is generally the surreptitious watching of people who are in intimate or sexual situations without that person's awareness or consent. The voyeur may observe these acts from a hiding place, through a window, or even through hidden cameras.

A Fetishism for clothes is a form of sexual fetishism in which a person is sexually aroused by wearing or looking at certain clothing or materials. Wearing clothing can often play an important role in sexual acts for someone with this fetish. Examples of clothing that can be considered fetishistic in this context include underwear, leather clothing, latex clothing, pantyhose, or even shoes.

Role plays are a sexual practice in which two or more people take on specific roles and perform sexual acts as if they were someone else. Role-playing can involve a variety of situations and characters, such as teacher and student, doctor and patient, dominant and submissive, etc.

Role-playing is often about immersing yourself in a fantasy world and re-enacting sexual scenarios to intensify or vary the sexual experience. It can also help to express sexual desires or fantasies that would otherwise be difficult to express.

The Harness fetishism is a form of sexual fetishism in which a person is sexually aroused by armor or armor pieces such as harnesses, chainmail, or plate armor. Some people with this fetish enjoy wearing armor themselves, while others prefer to see or touch others in armor.
Armor and armor often have a masculine or dominant connotation and can therefore be used in sexual role-play or BDSM situations. It can also represent a fantasy based on medieval or historical contexts.

Breath control fetishism, also known as asphyxiophilia or hypoxyphilia, refers to a sexual preference or practice in which a person becomes sexually aroused by restricting breathing. There are several ways this can happen, including the use of collars, masks, or bags to restrict airflow.
Some people with breathing control fetishism enjoy controlling their own breathing, while others prefer their partners to take control. There are also varying degrees of breathing restriction, from mild restriction to complete respiratory distress.

Pet Play is a fetish in which people dress up as animals and immerse themselves in an animal role. The dominant partner is often referred to as the "keeper" and the submissive partner as the "pet". Pet play is about taking on an animal persona and behaving like an animal.

Pet Play can include different types of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, or even exotic animals. It can also include different activities such as wearing collars and leashes, eating from bowls, playing with toys, or "walking" with a partner.

  • Leather fetishism
  • Latex fetishism
  • Lingerie and lingerie fetishism
  • Object and material fetishism
  • Wetlook fetishism
  • Mask fetishism
  • Body jewelry fetishism
  • Fetishism for certain body parts (e.g. breasts, buttocks, etc.)
  • Medical Play and Clinic Fetishism
  • Bondage fetishism

Please note at Fetish Escort:
Role plays can be an exciting way to increase sexual tension between partners and live out fantasies. The participants slip into certain roles and behave accordingly. These can be familiar roles, such as a nurse or a policeman, or completely fictional characters. The important thing here is that all participants agree and feel safe. Open communication before and during the role-play can help improve the game and ensure that everyone gets their money's worth.

You want to live out your fetish with like-minded people? Then go together with your escort lady to a fetish party. These are events where people with special sexual preferences and fetishes come together to live out their sexuality and share their fantasies with others. There are different types of fetish parties, depending on which preferences are to be the focus. Some parties focus on specific fetishes like BDSM, leather or latex, while other parties cover a wider range of fetishes and preferences.
Fetish parties can take place in a variety of settings, such as specially designed clubs or private venues. There are often dress codes that participants must follow to support the ambiance of the event and facilitate immersion in the appropriate atmosphere.

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