Lynette Escort Hamburg

Residence - Hamburg

Travel availability - worldwide

Languages - German- mother tongue, English and French fluent

Hair - blonde 

Eye color - blue

Size - 1.75m

Dress size - 38

Cup size- c natural

Cuisine -I love good food. I like Italian cuisine and seafood the most.

Hobbies - traveling, cooking, wine, wellness, hiking, visiting museums

Sports -golf (HCP 26), ski (red slope), fitness, swimming

Clothing -Elegant&Sporty (Hamburg-Style)

Perfume -Twilly d'Hermès

I am Lynette, founder of Romance Escort and Independent Escort since 2019.
You can describe me as a total optimist. I love the adventure. I am rarely afraid, the urge to discover and learn new things has always been greater with me.
When I was in my early 20s, I went to Paris without speaking French. Here I stayed for over 10 years, learning French and le Savoir Vivre.
In 2019 I came back with big plans, but Corona unfortunately (or thanks God?) put a spoke in my wheel. Since I am still full of entrepreneurial drive and desire to gain a foothold in the fascinating world of escorting, I have decided for me to found a high class escort agency.

Those who know me know that I am always well organized and reliable.
I am very much looking forward to this new stage in my life.
Escort is for me a beautiful part of my life, I was allowed to meet great people, discover places that took my breath away and my sex life has never been as good as when I was an escort lady :))
Of course, I continue to make dates from time to time, however, the organization of the agency and the meetings with the men who have accompanied me over the past years are my priority.
I am happy to make your acquaintance, whether as a booker of this agency or future lover.


Favorite drinks: non-alcoholic cocktails, a good glass of wine, sake, gin and tonic
Favorite places: Vienna, Copenhagen, Hamburg. My favorite places to spend my vacations are Italy or France.
Places I would like to discover: Japan, South Africa
Tattoos/Piercings: small tattoo on ankle

Smoker: No
Bisexual: I am also happy to accompany couples. Dates with women are not possible because I am "too" straight for that.
Fetishes/Sexuality: I am rather soft and gentle, I don't like pain and I am not capable of hurting or humiliating other people.
Motto: Live simply, love generously, speak honestly, work hard and leave the rest to the universe.
Gift ideas: I like flowers! When you come to a room and there are a few flowers, my heart swells. Otherwise, I am very interested in good food and it gives me a huge pleasure when a gentleman invites me to a nice restaurant.
Favorite restaurants: Café de Bretagne, Jin Gui,Haerlin

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Fees Lynette

Hamburg no travel expenses
Berlin, Hannover, Cologne min 6h-250€
Frankfurt min 12h- 300€

Escort Lynette