"I am attracted to people who are as energetic and enthusiastic as I am."

Sophia is the embodiment of natural beauty and grace in all its facets. With her charming face, slim body and irresistible confidence, she radiates naturally without the use of makeup. Impressive is not only her beautiful body, but also her intelligence and determination, which she uses to attract the attention of selected men and turn their heads.

As a breath of fresh air in Berlin, Sophia looks forward to discovering the city, from its hottest restaurants to its well-kept secrets. Her urge to discover is characterized by insatiable curiosity and pure enthusiasm. She dives full of joy into the adventure escort and with her you experience Berlin in all its glory and magic.

This young master's student is a special woman whose company is truly appreciated and enjoyed. Be sure to get to know Sophia. A dream woman on all levels.

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Residence - Berlin

Travel availability - worldwide

Languages - German (mother tongue), English

Hair - natural blonde

Eye color - blue

Size - 1,68cm

Age - 24

Dress size - 36

Bust - 75B natural

Favorite restaurants - China Club 

Hobbies - I am interested in art, especially visiting museums, and enjoy exploring the variety of creative works. In addition, I am passionate about culinary, travel and have a fondness for cars.

Sports - Swimming/Fitness

Clothing - elegant

Perfume - Prada Paradoxe 

I would describe myself as a fun-loving and open-minded person who sees life as an exciting adventure waiting to be discovered. I appreciate the diversity and exciting opportunities that life offers and I am always ready to throw myself into new experiences.

There is never a dull moment in my company, as I have a wide range of interests and enjoy sharing my passions and hobbies with others. I love to inspire people with my interests, but I am equally enthusiastic when others bring their own wishes and ideas.

I believe in the power of deep conversations where we can explore new perspectives together and inspire each other.

For me, the most beautiful feeling is when a fleeting moment turns into an unforgettable memory. I appreciate the importance of memories and especially enjoy sharing these precious moments with other people. Because at the end of the day, memories are what enrich our lives and make us who we are.

I am happy to make your acquaintance and create beautiful memories with you.

See you soon,

Favorite drinks - Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial, good wine (no color preference - depending on the day).

Favorite Places - Prague and Budapest are among my favorite places, mostly because of the warm hospitality of the locals and the delicious culinary experiences.

Places I would like to discover - New York!

Tattoos/piercings - no/no

Smoker - No. But it's okay if you smoke.

Bisexual - Yes and I welcome bookings from couples.

Fetishes/sexuality - I am rather soft, but it will definitely not be boring with me.

Motto - Don't think too much, just do it. 

Gift ideas - I love Jimmy Choos and Aquazzuras (shoe size 40) 

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For a man with a fetish for natural beauty and long blonde hair, dating Sophia was a dream come true. This lovely young woman is beautiful and sweet, both from looks and behavior. But don't be mistaken, Sophia proved to be a smart and confident lady that turned to the world of escorting to enrich her life and she is curious and open to new experiences. She describes herself as rather soft, but believe me, treat her well and with respect and you will be rewarded with a very open-minded view on eroticism and sex. Of great importance, Sophia genuinely seemed to like our date and we were both disappointed that time flew by so fast. Highly recommended!


Hi Lynette,
I wanted to get in touch again and thank you for organizing the meeting. Everything went perfectly.
If I'm ever in Berlin or Leipzig again, I'll definitely get in touch and of course hope that Sophia is still available.
Best regards,



up to 14h2400
up to 18h2800
up to 24h3000
up to 48h4600
7 days 9000
Travel expenses

Leipzig, at least 3h, 100€

Sophia has a very busy life. Therefore we would like to ask you to plan dates outside of your home base in time.

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