For spontaneous same-day requests, we recommend that you contact us by phone. Otherwise, we prefer communication via e-mail. We ask for your understanding that requests via SMS or WhatsApp cannot always be considered. Please note that calls with a suppressed phone number will not be accepted.

Of course, we also try to consider requests for the same day. However, it is important to know that the ladies in our agency also pursue their regular professional obligations or intensively focus on their studies. This means that they are not waiting all day to receive orders from the escort agency. Therefore, we politely encourage you to let us know your plans as early as possible, preferably with a few days' notice. This will help us to ensure that we can accommodate your requests.

Escort dates should be something special for you and the lady. Therefore, we only arrange dates, which take place in a beautiful ambience. We are happy to recommend hotels, which belong at least to the 4-star category.
Home visits are not our philosophy, partly for safety reasons.

If you make a booking, we encourage you to openly tell us what services you would like to use. Our ladies have told us on a questionnaire what services they usually offer, which allows us to make appropriate recommendations to you.

We attach great importance to the fact that the ladies feel comfortable and respected. Therefore, we would like to ask to understand that with us no ladies are coerced or persuaded to offer services that they do not feel comfortable with.

Maintaining the safety of our ladies is my top priority. For this reason it is essential that you provide your full name, a contactable phone number for the day of the appointment and the name and address of the hotel when booking and arranging.

I want to assure you that your personal information will be kept extremely confidential. Under no circumstances will it be shared with third parties. Your security is close to my heart and I do my utmost to protect your privacy.

You can pay the fee in advance by bank transfer if you prefer. The account is neutrally named and does not reveal any connection with an escort service. On the other hand, if you prefer cash payment, please hand the unsealed envelope to the lady in the first ten minutes.

For dates where the lady must arrive, we ask for a deposit of 25%. This also applies to escort dates where the lady has to take a longer period of time off, as well as dates that start after 9pm.
Should a date outside of the lady's usual place of residence be imminent and a cancellation on your part less than 12 hours before the agreed time is necessary, we ask for your understanding of the need for a refund of all travel expenses as well as a reasonable expense allowance of €200. For international appointments, we expect an advance payment of the total fee, including all travel expenses incurred. We would like to point out that our ladies often need to take a day or two off from their regular jobs even for appointments in their place of residence, so we ask new clients to make a deposit for such cases as well.

Of course, it may happen that something comes up for you or the lady. If the lady has to cancel, you will get your deposit back within two business days. If you have to cancel 24 hours before the date, you will also get your deposit back, but you also have the option to use the deposit as a down payment in the following three months. Possible costs (non-cancellable train tickets etc.) have to be paid in the case of a cancellation only if the cancellation comes from your side. For cancellations at short notice (less than 12 hours before the date) we ask for an expense allowance of 200€.

If a meeting outside of the lady's usual place of residence is imminent and you have to make a cancellation less than 12 hours before the agreed appointment, we ask for your understanding of the need to reimburse all travel expenses as well as a reasonable expense allowance of €200. For international appointments, we require that the total fee, including all applicable travel expenses, be paid in advance. It is important to note that even for appointments in their hometown, our ladies often need to take a day or two off from their regular work commitments. Therefore, we ask new clients to pay a deposit even in such cases.

Should it occur to you at the beginning of the meeting that you do not feel the desired connection with the booked lady and would like to cancel the date, we kindly ask you to at least reimburse the lady for the travel costs. We also ask you to inform us about the cancellation by phone and share your motives. This way we can find a solution together that is acceptable for all parties.

We ask for your understanding that the ladies have deliberately chosen an agency that takes care of the organization, answering questions and passing on personal wishes. Discretion and respect for their privacy are as important to them as they are to you. Therefore, they refrain from personal contacts before and after the meetings. We would like to ask you to refrain from personal contacts, as this is not desired.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that we do not assume any responsibility for any problems that may result from sharing your personal contact information with the ladies.

We appeal to your respectful interaction and ask that you do not make inquiries regarding private phone numbers or email addresses.

If you wish to pay the fee in a foreign currency, please indicate this wish when booking. In order to minimize inconveniences due to exchange rate fluctuations and bank fees, we recommend preferential payments by bank transfer for such cases.

Please note that short meetings up to 2 hours can be arranged exclusively in the lady's hometown. For bookings in other cities, the duration depends on the distance from her hometown. Information on this can be found either in the profile of the respective lady or can be provided upon request.

We guarantee our confidentiality. The ladies are contractually obliged not to pass on any information from the dates.

Transfers are made to a neutral sounding account.

Romance Escort is a state-approved escort agency according to ProSchg. We work only with ladies who can show a certificate according to ProSchg and are in study or regular working life. The agency management knows each lady personally. All ladies do escort for pleasure and not for financial needs.

Very gladly some ladies accompany you on vacation. For longer dates, it is advisable to invite the lady to an overnight beforehand. So you can see if the chemistry is right.

The ladies listed with us are all natural women who are confident on the dance floor. You can't tell by looking at them that they pursue this hobby. This means that you can take the escort ladies to cultural events, restaurants or on trips without hesitation. The high-class escorts are also happy to visit you in your hotel room for a shorter interlude.

If the escort lady notices that her counterpart has taken drugs or intends to do so, she will immediately cancel the date. In this case, the fee will not be refunded.

No lady feels comfortable when she meets a man who is drunk. Please greet the lady sober. We also advise against excessive alcohol consumption during the date.

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