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How would you describe yourself?
The most difficult of all questions first...I would describe myself as an educated, passionate woman who loves to learn about new things: people, perspectives, places. By nature I am often ambivalent, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, thoughtful or adventurous, but always emphatic and natural. I would describe my body as petite, feminine and athletic.
What compliment have you ever received that you liked the most?
A good friend described me as a 'bubbly being'. I find this formulation so unusual, and yet the choice of words is very apt - I still have to smile when I read these words...What exactly she means by this is difficult to put into words - it goes in the direction of, enthusiastic, passionate, intoxicating - but to really grasp it, you have to get to know me in person 😉
What makes you really happy?
If I want to forget the world around me and just be happy, there are two ways:
Either sand between my toes, sun on my face and a beach volleyball. The non-plus ultra is the sea within reach to cool down after the game.
Or the tingle of flirting with the unknown, interesting man, with a view of the rising / setting sun and atmospheric music in the background. The non-plus ultra is the hot, passionate encounter after the conversation.
What does good sex mean to you?
I think sex is really good when it is passionate and both lie next to each other afterwards with beating hearts, light heads and beaming smiles. Whether it is quiet or loud, slow or fast, soft or hard, it should fulfill both, be fun and satisfy the desire.
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Angélique is a charming escort lady from Austria

"And then the mental cinema begins: what will the man I'm about to meet be like? What does he look like, what does he like to talk about and what are his wishes?"

Why did you decide to become an escort?
Long story cut short: I didn't know 'escort' even existed, let alone what it was, until I stumbled across the series 'Secret Diary of a Callgirl' by chance - and was immediately fascinated! Was that even the possibility of a woman living such a life? Dating strange men: going out for a fancy dinner, knocking on a stranger's room door where you don't know what exactly to expect? That's what I wanted to experience - absolutely: the beating of the heart up to the neck before the date, the tension when entering the hotel room, the joy of the attention brought by the gentleman, the uninhibited lust and passion, the pleasurable relaxation and fulfillment after the date.
What do you like most about escort dates?
I think anticipation is one of the most beautiful feelings ever and that's why I enjoy being able to prepare for a joyful experience in peace and full of enjoyment.
When it comes to dating, for me that starts with a booking request at least 3 business days in advance. So I can rearrange my everyday life so that an adventure trip is possible.
And then the mental cinema begins: What will the man I'm about to meet be like? What does he look like, what does he like to talk about and what are his wishes?
Then on the big day I love to prepare hours, or to be completely honest, the day before: Organizing the trip. Packing my suitcase. Choosing my outfit. And finally, styling: spending a lot of time in the bathroom and dressing room with good music.
What does a dream date look like for you?
A question not so easy to answer, as there are several possible scenarios in my head 😉
Basically, my dream date begins with a timely, polite request, so that I can arrange my everyday life accordingly and I can plan and prepare in peace full of anticipation. Since I love to travel to new places, my dream destination for a city trip with the gentleman is clearly Hamburg. I've been raving about this beautiful port city for so long: during a leisurely stroll through the city center with a stop at a nice café, we feel each other out, start flirting; the tension between us keeps building until we can't stand it any longer and check into a stylish hotel on the Alster, where not even the most beautiful view can distract us from each other. Happy and a little exhausted, we freshen up to enjoy a fine meal in a first-class restaurant, where the flirting continues unabated. An absolute must and highlight in Hamburg is of course a visit to a musical, during which we can't keep our hands off each other. A drink afterwards in a nice pub becomes an agonizingly sweet challenge, which we only manage with difficulty before hurrying back to the hotel...
But also a trip to the south would make my heart beat faster, because as a sun child I love the sea and a sunrise is nowhere more romantic...
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