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Welcome to the world of Romance Escort. Nice to have you here.

Romance Escort is a young, fresh and reliable high class escort agency. We provide you with authentic and beautiful women who will give you a wonderful time.
Let yourself be seduced and dive into a world of romance, passion and eroticism.

The listed with us High Class Escorts are all self-determined, intelligent and sexually curious ladies who, like you, want to break out of your everyday life now and then and enjoy sensual adventures in luxurious surroundings.

We are happy to arrange an escort date for you, which will give you pleasure and will remain in your memory for a long time.

Lynette & Team


Gentlemen, please, come in.

Dear Gentlemen,

I am Lynette and I greet you warmly as the founder of Romance Escort. My years as an independent escort have given me valuable insights into the wonderful world of high class escorting.

In the course of my conversations with the gentlemen I met, it became clear that disappointments are unfortunately not uncommon in the world of escorts. Often these misunderstandings result from the fact that the representations of the escort ladies on the profiles do not match reality. Pictures are overly edited and descriptions tend to be exaggerated.

I care about creating a sincere and enriching escort experience for you. My goal is to avoid misunderstandings and to present you an authentic picture of the escort ladies. I wish neither you nor the ladies to get into the unpleasant position that expectations could remain unfulfilled.

If you are unsure whether a particular lady is the right choice, I invite you to contact. An honest, fair and loving advice is waiting for you.


Quality and reliability

Romance Escort is a small escort agency that sees you as an individual and only you are the focus. We want to arrange unique experiences for you. Therefore, we focus on quality, which creates a long-term basis of trust and achieves lasting effects.
We are not out to make a one-time, quick buck. We want to build a clientele of highly satisfied gentlemen who know that we stand for excellent quality.
Dare to try with us.

Always there for you

When booking you will get honest and competent advice. It may happen that we advise you against a date if we think it does not fit.
In case of problems or for a concierge service, you can reach us at any time during the booking hours.
We look forward to your honest feedback after a date. Your satisfaction motivates us, constructive criticism spurs us on to make improvements. In any case, we would like to offer you escort service at the highest level in the future.

Where do I meet my escort lady?

The high class escorts of Romance Escort prefer to welcome you in exquisite hotels, which can be classified at least in the four-star category. This standard of accommodation reflects our dedication to quality and style to ensure that your meeting with a lady will be an unforgettable experience.

Feel good at the dining place date

It is our firm belief that home visits are not in line with the philosophy of Romance Escort. Our primary goal is to offer you and the lady of your choice the opportunity to fully enjoy your time together in an aesthetic and erotic ambience. Stylish and noble hotels provide the perfect backdrop for intimate encounters and offer an atmosphere that will enhance your desire and mood.

We do not work with "professionals

Escort ladies represented by Romance Escort are women who earn their living in various professional fields. They date infrequently and make escort dates with utmost discretion and dedication. This limitation on the number of dates per month ensures that each encounter is made special and attentive.

Why do men use an escort service?

An escort service offers especially strongly professionally involved or married men a quick and uncomplicated way to establish contact with attractive escort ladies. In an escort date is clear from the outset that sensuality and various forms of touch will play a role.

Win-win situation at escort meeting

The escort lady is looking forward to giving a generous gentleman a nice evening, while the gentleman appreciates the opportunity to spend time in the company of an attractive escort lady and to be allowed to support her financially. Both parties derive enjoyment from the escort date, as clear agreements have been made in advance and no one feels exploited.

Honesty and clear agreements

Escort dates are characterized by their honesty and straightforwardness. They offer a transparent way to date beautiful women, where all parties know exactly what they are getting into. These clear expectations and agreements create an atmosphere of trust and satisfaction that is enriching for all involved.


What so special about a high class escort service?

High-class escorts are beautiful and elegant women, where at first glance you would not guess that they are escorts. They are characterized by sexual openness, empathy, intelligence and humor, which makes them the perfect companion for unforgettable moments.

No more mundane dates

These extraordinary women not only master the art of seduction, but also know how to behave appropriately in public. Behind closed doors they unfold into passionate lovers who can turn the most secret dreams and desires of any man into reality.

An evening with a high-class escort is a guarantee of beauty and grace. They are always reliable, charismatic and irresistible attractiveness. Their presence alone helps to make every moment a special experience.

Advice from the escort agency

The service quality of a high-class agency is equally remarkable. It is characterized by honesty, competence and constant availability to ensure that your needs and desires are always met professionally and discreetly.